Quay West,  is  a  50  level  high-rise harbour front  mixed  development comprising residential (both private and hotel), commercial offices and car parking facilities.

Construction of the building was planned in stages, in close consultation with builder-developer Mirvac, and utilised a variety of construction techniques:

Stage 1— a 10 level, underground, commercial car parking station with a 600 vehicle capacity, constructed from a steel frame and concrete deck cast onto profiled metal floor-sheeting;
Stage 2— a 10 level commercial office building totalling 7,500m2, constructed from a composite of steel frame and reinforced concrete deck;
Stage 3 — a 30 level apartment tower containing 200 luxury units, and two swimming pools at Level 24, was constructed using essentially column-free space via a post-tensioned flat plate spanning from the interior core-walls to the structural façade elements.

To reduce construction time for the tower, a structural  steel  skeleton  framework  was quickly erected inside the deep sandstone excavation for the  first  19  floors,  consisting  of plated steel  columns  and  simply supported steel beams. Then, the concrete framed superstructure from level 20 (Stage 3) was built  above this simultaneously  with  the  infills to the lower  commercial and parking floors (Stage 1 & 2) to substantially reduce overall building time.

MPN Group provided full structural design, documentation and site-inspection services.