Since 1965 MPN has built an enviable reputation for the successful completion of Structural Design and Engineering projects across Commercial, Retail, Residential, Industrial and Mixed-Use property sectors.






“Built on a relationship that spans 50 years and 2 generations, MPN earned our trust and respect. Like minded in values and approach, MPN has been an integral part of the Westfield team and have been our primary engineers for major projects in Australia, Europe and the USA. Together, we have designed and built some of the largest and most complex shopping centers in the world. MPN always strives for excellence, pioneering structural techniques and providing refined solutions to complex development issues. Our trust and faith in MPN’s capability and the depth of our relationship has always been invaluable.”

Steven Lowy AM - Principal, Lowy Family Group
Past Co-CEO, Westfield Group/Corporation


As recognised experts MPN’s structural design and engineering services have been utilised by some of the world’s most high profile and well-respected property focussed organisations. Since 1965 we have built a well-earned reputation for the delivery of sophisticated and robust engineering solutions to otherwise complex structural problems.

Though we have a long and distinguished heritage, with a reputation built over decades, we pride ourselves in our ability to seek out innovation in the delivery of superior design, documentation and project services.


From concept through to completion and beyond, MPN offers a complete suite of structural design, engineering and consulting services that spans the entire property lifecycle. With a deep understanding of the industry, our services range from peer review, initial concept and feasibility studies, through to full structural design development and contract documentation. At MPN, we always take a collaborative approach and are proactive in meeting our client’s needs, and earning their trust.

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With a wealth of experience, proven process and a bespoke service model, all our structural design and engineering services are delivered via our in-house project teams, led by our most senior engineers throughout the entirety of the project. Across the company we seek refined and robust solutions to complex issues, and are driven by the understanding that everything can be improved upon.

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MPN has broad industry experience across the following property sectors:

MPN has built an enviable reputation for its expertise within the Commercial Property sector. Commercial building projects are often characterised by constrained sites, deep basements and long spans of column-free space. With projects of these type, MPN investigates all options on a project by project basis, delivering the optimum structural solution for that specific site.

MPN has helped deliver many landmark residential projects, including ‘Newington’, the Sydney Olympic athletes’ accommodation and subsequent new suburb, and the Bennelong Point suite of buildings; which are some of the most luxurious and valuable properties in the country.

MPN has a strong and proven track record in the Hotels, Entertainment and Leisure sector. Hotels often have a repetitive structure that allows optimisation using various systems, with the final choice dependant on their relative economic benefit. The lobby and conference rooms always require long spans. The entertainment and leisure facilities we have designed are diverse and include sports halls and cinema complexes, as well as casinos and indoor theme parks. They are typically large box bespoke structures that require appreciation of their specific functions.

Mixed Use Developments are typically designed the residences on top and the commercial/retail under. These competing uses lead to a range of structural framing options, materials and approach depending on the relative value and importance of each. Early MPN input is an advantage to help determine preferred parking, office/retail and apartment layouts.

MPN understand the key considerations required when undertaking retail projects. Primarily these include keeping ahead of schedule and providing optimised design to ensure the centre opens on the target date, and working collaboratively; providing innovative, flexible design to ensure existing tenants and their customers encounter minimal disruption.

MPN has a long track record providing clients and contractors with detailed and efficient engineering designs for educational facilities including Day Care Centres to University Campus’ Lecture Theatres and Student Residential Buildings.

With a very specific skillset required, MPN continues to provide valued assistance to owners of historic buildings. Our dedicated services in this area, enables our client to transform their buildings to new uses, to extend and alter them for more efficient land-use (adding extra floors, or basements), or simply to advise on remedial and refurbishment techniques so as to return the building to its former glory.

MPN understand the key to successful industrial building construction is simplicity of design detailing, combined with minimisation of materials cost.


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