Newington was conceived as a whole new suburb of Sydney, developed on the back of Sydney’s Olympic bid, and consists of thousands of apartments, individual dwelling houses, retail and leisure facilities, schools and extensive parklands.  A substantial portion of the development provided accommodation for the athletes during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

MPN Group worked as part of a large team lead by Mirvac to deliver the structural design and documentation for the apartment buildings, which had many planning constraints and authorities to deal with, not to mention the deadline of the Games themselves.

The structures of the apartments consist of bored piers or pad footing foundations founded on shale, reinforced concrete columns, basement carparks with shoring/retaining walls, a transfer slab and three to four upper level flat slabs supported by load bearing masonry construction. A particular reoccurring architectural feature of the buildings are flat concrete roofs of large cantilevered spans that appear to be ‘floating’ above the glass walls on two sides.